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Thought Crumbs

July 12, 2010


Letting you all in on a little not-so-secret. I started a blog recently, thought crumbs, that I’ve been keen on keeping on the D.L. until I got into the groove of writing it. I update every day, usually containing stream-of-consciousness spur-of-the-moment rants, brief notes on my personal life, as well as little blurbs and blips […]

Unexpected Love’s Unsurprising Expectations: A Work of Condensed Flash Fiction

December 21, 2009


As much as I would like to consider myself "original" or "unique," if either were really a feasibility, I find as though I would have realized the futility in trying write "the world's shortest piece of fiction." Two words isn't much, but I'm certain many others have just kept it at one word (or less somehow; they always find a way) and simply injected new meaning into that one malleable utterance. As such I shall now muster an attempt to one-up that even further. Behold the world's shortest piece of fiction EVER. I call it "Conundrum": - Scufflefuck. That's a minus sign. Last time I checked numbers went into negative integers, and if we are to measure words as but a sum of linear characters in succession then we might as well take advantage of the opportunity to invert hypothetical alphabetical x and y axises and jump from the something and into the nothing. xoxo