07/22-Yeah, I know, I don’t update enough; stop e-mailing me about it. As a reward for long periods of waiting, pacing as if in front of a microwave mid-countdown, I figured it was high time to put up some poetry. In 2004, I composed for a high school English class a small collection of experimental poetry called the epitome of ectoplasm. Though classmates didn’t get it, my teacher loved the poems and at her urging I was given the school’s English department award that year. The poems reek of a kid enthusiastic about ee cummings and his own angst-fueled abstract musings. Not a Pulitzer Prize winner anytime soon, the poems and associated images are still quite good considering a 15 year old was responsible for them. READ “THE EPITOME OF ECTOPLASM” HERE.

07/14-Only feel the need to update this page once every few months. Too busy generating actual content to give a shit. Check out thought crumbs. ~NC

04/19– It’s been awhile since this page has been updated. is in the process of undergoing a major overhaul in terms of content, upload frequency, and categorization. Please be patient in the coming months as these changes will be slow to implement, but expect a lot of the stuff I promised last year (more art, some fiction/prose/etc.) to come to fruition. There are several side projects I am currently working on (and of course, the strain and pain of life itself) and as such I have not been able to devote as much time to the website as I would have liked. All in good time though. Toodles. ~NC

01/19 – As wonderful as the free domains at DotCoCC are, it has been decided that the wisest course of action is to purchase, which is to be considered the primary domain for this site from now on. You’re welcome, Neil. ~ECM
01/17 -There’s some teaser art available now in the site gallery. Consider it a taste of things to come (As Shang Tsung Said). New post as well, part one of three. Stay tuned for more updates. ~NC
12/29– Finally found a site layout that I can live with for now, going to be adding to a bunch of new stuff, submitting articles to publications in the next couple days, going to try to update more regularly and get more involved with my reader base so that I may gain more insight into the kind of people who read this nonsense.

12/27 – Facebook site updated, new old fiction (about four years old now) uploaded.

12/22– Basic site template finished. Nice and cheap and free. Free domain/hosting is the best when all you need is something this simple in format.  Highly recommend WordPress to others wanting to get their work out there. Also, the Facebook fanpage is up. Will soon upload “Things That Come Off Of Me” from NATURAL MALE ENHANCEMENT, a morbid and mildly disturbed dermatologist ponders the consequences of his unusual compulsions.

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